Wine Appreciation 101

Ready for a fun evening of wine and conversation!

Currently our featured Wine Appreciation class is "Wines Around the World".  Based on your wine budget, we can help you choose 4-6 different table wines from both Old World and New World vineyards.  We help guide you in choosing the wines for your class, provide information about each wine and the winery that produces them, and lead the wine tasting and discussions during the class.

For your wine tasting, we suggest having a combination of white, blush and red wines to compare two wines from each category.  The wines we suggest are usually between $10.00 to $15.00 per bottle and can be found in local specialty stores like World Market, Whole Foods and other liquor or grocery stores.  After completing the wine tasting, each group rates the wines and votes for their favorite of the evening.

In addition to Wine Appreciation classes, we also offer Wine and Food Pairing classes.  These classes can included wine and dessert pairings, wine and cheese pairings and much more.
Enjoying our wine at Chambrel at Club Hill
Please note that the cost of wine is not included in our Class pricing.  Each bottle of wine will serve on average 12-15 participants.  The optimal class size is 25-30 participants but we can accommodate any size gathering.

*We are not affiliated with any retail store or wine distributor so we do not favor any particular brand or retail source.

For more information about our Wine Tasting classes- please contact me at