Latin Rhythm and Movement

Our new Latin Rhythm and Movement classes are great for group of up to 20 participants.  Especially beneficial for Seniors living in Memory Care and Assisted Living Facilities, this activity encourages fun safe physical exercise while Residents enjoy music and playing different types of rhythm instruments.

Typically our Latin Rhythm and Movement classes last from 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the Senior population we are working with, their attention span and physical abilities.
Enjoying playing instruments at The Courtyard
 We provide a great variety of fun music with a good beat and lots of hand held Rhythm Instruments, Ribbon Wands and Egg Shakers to use.  We warm up by doing simple arm exercise with our ribbon wands and move on to using our Egg Shakers as a group for a few songs. Then we move on to playing all types of hand held rhythm instruments from maracas and tambourines to claves, guiros and a cow bell or two.
Its always fun to get up and dance a little!

Participants are encouraged to get up and move their bodies and boogie to the fun Latin beat.  We believe that enjoying music helps Seniors express emotions and feelings, promotes wellness, helps manage stress, and is a great venue for socializing with other residents in a positive fun environment.

Having Fun at Silverado in Plano Texas
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