Friday, September 28, 2012

Busy Little Bees Part 2

Since I haven't posted a lot this year, sometimes I have technical difficulties.  I couldn't get Blogger to let me add more info to the last blog- so I decided just to go with the flow and split the post in half.

Love the dangle earrings!
As I was saying- we have had some successes lately with our Poly Clay Jewelry classes.  Another of our recent winners is our Mokume Gane earring and bracelet sets.  Here is an example of one of my ladies' jewelry.

This summer we have also completed a lot of painted wood projects.  From small birdhouses to plant pokes, to decorative butterfly and flower glass pebble embellished projects-  Wood has been our friend!  Here is a great example of our butterfly and flower projects class.

My ladies at Chambrel hard at work!
The finished project
Great Colors!

I love that every time we do a project- they all turn out so different and really show each individual's personality!

Our last Summer project was a 3-D Paper Piecing Floral Design.  I have to say that this project was one of the all time favorites of the year.  With a little adjustment, this project was actually appropriate for all of my seniors- from those in Memory Care to Independent Seniors.  I simplified the design slightly for my Memory Care residents, but their projects turned out really great!  Here are some of my students in action:

Working away at Atria in Carrollton

Close up of her pretty bouquet!
I even have had one of my ladies do about 10 of these in her room.  She's planning to give them to her family and friends as Christmas presents this year!

Well that's about it for the Summer projects- wish I had taken more pictures because we did some great room diffusers, tumbled stone decoupaged tile coasters and some fun patriotic door hangers as well.

Next up- Fall projects!

Until next time- Have Fun and Stay Creative!


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