Crafty Tutorials

Dyed  Rice Mosaics

Dyed Rice Tutorial-

Supplies you will need to dye the rice:

Measuring Cup
Rubbing Alchohol
Inexpensive White Rice
Food Coloring- I used fluorescent and regular dye
Plastic Locking Sandwich bags
Plate to dry rice on
Storage containers with tight lids

The recipe is quite simple- one cup rice + 1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol + 4-8 drops food coloring per batch of rice.  You can create quite a few bright colors using a little color theory and trial and error- I even made a blackish brown for sunflower centers today.

Creating your mosaic-

  • Download simple stained glass patterns from the internet with little detail like geometric shapes,  flowers, butterflies and birds.
  • Cut out pattern and glue it to a black card stock backgroud to give the mosaic stability ( it becomes quite heavy)
Geometic Design Starting to come together
  • Use thick glue to adhere rice like Tacky Glue.
  • Work only a small section at a time, spreading glue to the edges of the section with a Q-tip.It works best to do all the sections of the mosaic with the same color before moving to the next color.   (Creates less "confetti"rice ) 
  • Dump excess in a plastic plate so it can be reused
  • Fill in any places where the rice is missing until completed
Several of my classes have been working with the dyed rice mosaics this month and have been having a fun time creating their masterpieces.  This is not only a good creative project, but it also helps with hand dexterity and hand/eye coordination.