Friday, September 28, 2012

Fabric Covered Tissue Roll Pumpkins Tutorial

Fabric Covered Tissue Roll Pumpkin

This year is just zooming on by!  I can't believe September is almost gone- and the holiday season is quick approaching.  I have so many fun projects in store for Fall- thanks to lots of great inspiration from my favorite guilty pleasure- Pinterest!

In fact this next project was inspired by a few different versions of Fabric Covered Tissue Roll Pumpkins I saw out on the"Interweb".  I put my own little spin on the project and combined several ideas to create a fun design.  These are great projects for folks in Memory Care- but some of my Assisted Living  and Rehab folks have enjoyed making these as well.  If you find remnants or find a great sale on fabric-  these pumpkins come in at around $1.50 each.

Quick Tutorial and supplies needed to make this project:

Toilet Tissue Roll
1/4 yard fabric for each pumpkin
Brown paper to make stem
Brown  pipe cleaner
Silk flowers and leaves
A pen, glue stick or wood skewer to "poke" with
Glue Gun


First Smoosh your roll of toilet tissue so that it is not obvious what your pumpkin is made from.  Cut two pieces of batting about 3-4 inches wide and long enough to just tuck into the cardboard roll.  Take your fat quarter and center your batting on top in an X. 
First Step is to Smoosh your Toilet tissue roll
Tuck your batting and  fabric into the center of the tissue roll
First tuck in your batting, then start tucking your fabric starting with one of the longer corners.  Remember to tuck in one direction, and turn your project as you tuck and pleat the fabric into the center of your toilet roll.  You may need to use a little muscle to make sure you get it all tucked in nicely!

Ready to add the stem!
Once all your fabric is nicely tucked in, you take your brown paper and roll it into a tube, then twist and scrunch it into a stem for your punkin'.  No glue is needed, just stuff in in.

Wrap your pipe cleaner around a pen or your index finger to make a vine, then fold it in half.  Glue your pipe cleaner, leaves and fall silk flower at the top- and you are finished!

Ta Daaa!!!
Even the Gentlemen at Horizon Bay in Arlington like this one!
Our pretty pumpkins all in a row!
This is a fun fall project and could be modified to be jack-o-lanterns or apples.  You could wrap with burlap but if the fabric gets too thick it is hard to stuff in the center of the tube.   I highly recommend this as a project for Seniors who are in Memory care- as it is a very easy project with attractive results.

Till next time-  Stay Creative and Enjoy the Cooler Weather!


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