Get Your Craft On

Arts and Crafts Classes

Featuring seasonal art projects, floral design and unique holiday projects

We create, plan and teach unique art projects that use all types of art mediums including air dry clay, mixed media collage, decoupage, papier mache, mosaics, watercolor and acrylic painting, wreath making, flower arranging and seasonal and holiday special projects.

Watercolor class
Our creative classes are uniquely designed to meet the interests, needs and ability levels of Seniors in Memory Care, Assisted Living and Independent Seniors as well.

Art Projects for Seniors living in Memory Care residences are simple with easy-to-follow steps and directions, but  yield a nice looking final project that the student can be proud of.  Usually projects for Memory Care  students can be completed in 45 minutes to 1 hour.  We try to make sure each resident can complete their project with minimal assistance.  In addition, we try to incorporate activities that help improve hand dexterity and hand/eye coordination while encouraging each student to express their own individual personality and flair in their projects.

Miss Ruth was happy with her mixed media collage!

Art Projects for Seniors living in Assisted Living and Independent Communities are more complicated and usually require 1- 1 1/2 hours to complete- often these are two part projects due to the time involved in making the projects.  We always encourage everyone to put their own "spin" on their project and are always delighted to see the finished project- always as unique as the individual that made it.

We do assist when hot glue is used in a project or if fine detail work is required but encourage our students to complete their projects as independently as possible

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