Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Fabric Topiaries and Fabric Tied Wreaths and Much More!

April was such a busy month  I  did not have a chance to share most of the projects we did to celebrate the beginning of Spring and the Easter holiday with you until I finally have had a chance to catch my breath.

One of my very favorite projects is the fabric topiary- and for Spring we put a new, colorful twist on an old favorite. These are some of my ladies creating their topiaries at Park Place in Plano Texas.


One of my favorite things about creating the fabric topiaries is that even though we all start out with the exact same choice of fabric, paint colors and accessories- every topiary is unique and really shows the personality of each class member!

Another fun project we worked on in March and April was hand tied fabric wreaths.  I offered a couple of different options- either wrapping the wreaths with fabric or tying the strips onto the wreath form.  Some ladies have arthritis in their hands and tying lots of knots is a little uncomfortable.  Here are a couple of examples of our Fabric wreaths for Spring:
Hand Tied Fabric Spring Wreath

Wrapped Fabric and Burlap Wreath with Hand Made Flowers

Here are some of our Fabric Wreath Creations from our class at Meadowstone Place:

Didn't everyone do a great job with their festive Spring wreaths?  They are so unique and fun!

In addition to working on our Spring Topiaries and Wreaths, we also made Brown Paper Bag Bunny Topiaries to get into the spirit of Easter:
Paper Bag Bunny Topiary
And to round out our April projects we also made fun Paper Mache Egg Shakers for our Latin Rhythm and Movement classes and  Cork Birdie Plant Pokes and Clay Pot Wind Chimes for our container plants and gardens:
Paper Mache Egg Shakers

Cork Birdie Plant Poke
Clay Pot Wind Chime

In addition to all of these wonderful craft projects, we did a lot of gardening- including planting upside down tomatoes and seedlings and had a lot of fun learning about wines and boogied to the Latin Beat!

Will share more later!  I have a couple of fun Cinco De Mayo projects to share and more great  pics of our April classes!

Till Next time- Have a great Spring- and Stay Creative!