Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pinecone Turkey Centerpiece

This is one of my favorite projects from last fall so I had to bring it back for my classes this year.  The supplies needed for the Pine Cone turkeys include So far they have been a big hit with everyone who makes them or sees them!

  • Medium to large size Pine cone
  • Pair of Google Eyes
  • Red Felt for Gobbler
  • Yellow Felt for Beak
  • Orange Pipe Cleaners
  • Styrofoam Disk
  • Brown Paint
  • Foam Paint Brushes
  • Moss
  • Silk Flowers
  • Hot Glue/ Tacky Glue
Pinecone Turkey Closeup
 Here are my ladies from Atria in Carrollton, TX.  They really had fun making their turkeys!

We've also been making some great hand warmers made from denim.  Will try to put a tutorial together for that project soon.  Since most of my students have a touch of arthritis, they are looking forward to using them this winter.

Till next time-  Have Fun and Stay Creative!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Wreaths at Franklin Park

In October we made some great Fall Wreaths at Franklin Park in North Richland Hills using pine cones, acorns, a variety of silk flowers, silk leaves, gourds and other natural materials.  Everyone's wreath is unique and reflects each ladies' unique personality:

Proud of her Fall creation!

What a pretty wreath

Teamwork really makes a difference.

A pretty wreath for a pretty lady!

Ready to hang on her door for Fall

A wreath full of flowers
Everyone is ready to decorate their doors for Fall.  Won't be long till we change to holly, green and sparkly gold since Christmas is right around the corner.  Will share another fun fall project in my next post.

Till Then  Have Fun and Stay Creative!


It's Fall Ya'll! Let's Make Door Decorations!

I can't believe October flew by so fast and we are already into the 2nd week of November!

I haven't had much time to post about our projects recently but would like to share some of the fun crafts we have been making the past month.  The ladies love to decorate their doors so we put together some fun door hangers for fall including a great Pieced Paper Owl project, a Stuffed Brown Paper Pumpkin door hanger and a Cork and Scrapbook paper Turkey door hanger.  Both the Owl and Pumpkin projects start with  brown kraft paper as their base.  Both are stuffed to add dimensions.  Both are embellished with silk flowers, raffia and scrapbook paper.

Owl Pieced Paper Project

Bonnie and Ora Mae were really happy with their owls!

Mary and Evelyn's owl projects turned out great!

Showing off her Pumpkin with pride!

Happy with her Door Hanger.

My students at Christian Care Center really like their pumpkin door hangers!

Cork and Scrapbook Paper Turkey Door Hanger

The Turkey Door Hanger  base is made from a circle of thick cork, embellished with Fall scrapbook papers, felt gobbler, foam legs and google eyes.

I still haven't got my head wrapped around Christmas yet- but will be starting to make Christmas ornies and decorations this month.  Seems like we just had Halloween!

Till Later-  Have Fun and Be Creative!