Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

January 7, 2011

Cheers to 2011!
January is kicking off fast and furious as expected- full of fun winter activities and new classes.    This Winter/Spring semester I am introducing a new Wine and Watercolor evening class that I have been wanting to try for a while now.  This class is for beginning watercolor artists.  We will learn a new watercolor technique each time we meet- all  while we visit and sip a nice glass of wine- hopefully we will end up with some pretty pieces of art as well!  If not, we will certainly have fun trying!

Speaking of wine- I’m also starting Monthly Wine Tastings where we will learn about different wine regions, how to correctly taste and appreciate wine and will compare Old World and New World wines, plan Horizontal and Vertical tastings, Pair Chocolate with Dessert wines and so much more. Looking forward to our first wine tasting class next week!

In addition, I have some other fun ideas to share- an Internet Savvy Seniors class,  a Monthly Book Club and Latin Rhythm jam.   I'm planning lots of fun art projects this month for my Arts and Nature Crafts classes including photo calendars, batik fabric banners, handmade papers,fabric topiaries and a great eggshell mosaic project I saw on the "That Artist Woman" blog. 

Hoping to share tutorials and photos of some of these projects later this month.  Gardening will take a back seat in January while the earth takes a well deserved rest, but it will be time to plan Spring gardens before you know it!

Here’s to a wonderful fun-filled year!



  1. It's wonderful that you're doing this work, Stephane. There is such a strong need for interesting activities and good care among the elder population. As they say down under, 'good on ya'!

  2. Thanks John! I really love working with Seniors, and I enjoy helping them learn how to do new and creative projects every day. Some days I go from a garden therapy class to an arts and crafts class and finish up with a wine tasting class- so I am having a great time! Thanks for the support!