Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's A New Day!

Late last year I became really busy with my fledgling Seniors Activity business, and did not have much time to post here on my blog, but as the song says:

It's a new dawn,
Its a new day,
Its a new life for me-
And I'm Feeling Good!

I thought this year I might take a different tact with my blog and share more than just craft tutorials and pictures of my proud students.  Since I am a rabid, er, avid Pinterest junkie, I have found loads of great ideas and sources for everything from free printables to use in our crafting efforts to really unique craft ideas to yummy vegan recipes (in honor of my newly vegan daughter) and I am adding more great ideas every day!  I've also started teaching spa indulgence classes and started playing with all kinds of wonderful spa recipes and will share those with you as well and am expanding my jewelry making classes to not only include polymer clay but shrinkable plastic, paper beads and other mediums as well.

This year, I hope to learn how to link to other people's blogs and get more involved with the blogging community at large.  The projects we do at Elder Life Engagement are not only fun for Seniors, but are also great for kids and younger adults as well, so I'd like others to benefit from the creative crafts  and projects we create. So I hope you will embark on this exciting journey with me and let me know how you like the projects and ideas I share with you in 2012!

Hope it is a great year for us all!  Have fun- and Stay Creative in 2012 along with me!


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