Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Patchwork Quilt" Bird Collages

We have been hard at work this month on our "Patchwork Quilt" Bird Collages.  Several of my students took a look at my sample piece and noted that it looks like an old timey patchwork quilt- so the name stuck.

Originally I had used magazine pages cut in small pieces for the "quilt pieces"  but one day, could not find my bag of cuttings so resorted to using scrapbook papers instead- and I must say the results are actually much more colorful and pretty.  So we have continued to use random scrapbook papers as our base collage- sometimes they are so pretty, my students don't want to paint over them- and I agree that the paper collages could stand on their own as a work of art.  Here are some of my students in action:

My ladies at Atria in Richardson- hard at work!
A collage in process

My group at Chambrel at Club Hill hard at work!

Close up view of a finished collage
We will be finishing our mixed media collages tomorrow at Chambrel- so I will post photos of our finished masterpieces.  I am very excited to see how everyone's artwork turns out!

Till then-  Have fun and Stay Creative!


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